How to start your braai when you run out of firelighters

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Hipster Firelighters

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you need to light a fire but there is no way to get hold of firelighters. Here are a few practical ways to light a fire when you have run out of Blitz or firelighters.

  • Take an egg box and make holes in the pyramids that stick up (see picture). Fill the egg holding bits with cooking oil. Where you have made the holes light the small pieces of carton that stand up (they will light the easiest) – when the oil takes light the holes will create a chimney effect, letting air pour through them giving more oxygen to the flame, thus letting it burn brighter.
  • Take your girlfriend’s pumice stone (the piece of volcanic rock she uses to scrape and smoothen her heels with) and put it in a jar with diesel in. Let it soak for a few minutes.This is a very porous kind of stone, and if treated right it can work as a firelighter for a very long time. The stone soaks up the diesel and it’s great for starting your fire with, and it is also reusable. Once the fire has burnt out, simply take out your rock and put it back in the diesel – she probably won’t want to use it when you’re done.
  • Light a newspaper page and keep adding pages until it works.
  • Take a long candle and cut or break it in a few places without cutting through the wick. Pull the wax away from the wick and cut it so that you have a few small candles. Pack your wood and put these inside where the flames can touch the wood. If you have some newspaper lying around it would help to put that in as well.
  • Use some old dryer lint, roll it up and stuff it inside a toilet paper tube. This can easily be lit and is a relatively safe option.
  • Take a glass (like a whiskey tumbler) and fill it half way with sand. Pour nail polish remover, diesel or spirits into the sand (choose one, not all of them). When this is lighted it will burn for quite a while, making it a great fire starter. You can also use Sambuca for this one, but I would rather use it for its true purpose.