James Braai, James Bond braai video

Braai Information

Here are the facts:

  • Firstly, James Braai is a fictional character. It is not me, it is not based on me and I am not in this video.
  • Go here for more information about me, Jan Braai, the real person.
  • I think it’s a pretty cool video and as you can see, very well produced.
  • The James Braai video on YouTube, or as it’s also been dubbed the “James Bond braai video” was created, written and directed by a London based South African by the name of Sean Lunn.
  • The video was produced by Duane Codrington of Codrington Productions.
  • The cameo appearance by ex Springbok rugby captain André Vos is real. Andre is a mate of Sean and closely involved with the Hope HIV charity initiative.
  • The title of the video was not copied from an FHM article about me by exactly the same name. This is pure coincidence.
  • The video highlights three of the severe braai related problems in the United Kingdom. ‘Gas braais’, ‘frozen meat’ and ‘serious braai interference’. As illustrated in the video the latter (braai interference) is allowed in the case of ‘gas braais’ and ‘frozen meat’.

The video title was not copied from an FHM article about me (Jan Braai) of exactly the same name. Pure coincidence.

The video was first sent to me by a friend in London, Wayne ‘Kuta’ Cowie. The name ‘Kuta’ refers to the giant game-fish called Kuta that are caught off the East African coast. Cowie used to decimate the fish population with his aggressive casting technique, a strong sardine-like body odour and most vitally, his uncanny ability to think like a fish. There are some in those parts who still refer to him as ‘Kuta the Fish Whisperer’. I have another braai scout in London, Oliver Staple, but Kuta beat him to the line this time in sending new evidence of braaing in London to me. Prior evidence of the two of them braaing in London follows below:

Oli Staple and Kuta Cowie braaing in London.

Below follows details of the three charities that Sean would like to raise money for with the video:

  • School for disabilities for kids in the western cape, SA
  • http://hillsongafrica.com/temba
  • To donate via TEXT (UK only) – Text “TEMB70 £3” to 70070 (choose an amount up to £10) This donation is via Hillsong Church London
  • Bring hope to transform lives and communities
  • http://www.justgiving.com/regenerateJB
  • To donate via TEXT (UK only) – Text “HOPE70 £3” to 70070 (choose an amount up to £10)