Jan and Dan's Irish adventure

International braais

By Saturday, this will be covered in braai smoke

After the global success of National Braai Day, it’s only fair that we lend a little support to other, smaller initiatives trying to get off the ground; cue this weekend’s trip north for a celebration the Irish are trying to get going. It’s called St. Patrick’s Day, and we think it has the potential to become something quite big. Not nearly as big as National Braai Day, of course, but it might just catch on.
And so, in the spirit of unity and celebration that National Braai Day embodies, Jan Braai and National Braai Day ambassador Dan Nicholl will be boarding a ‘plane and heading north this weekend, which just happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. On a Saturday. Big night in store? There’s an outside chance…
The reality is that no single day sees one country catch the global imagination like St. Patrick’s Day: this Saturday, the whole world will dressed in green, throwing back Guinness, and talking in very bad Irish accents. It’s a day that National Braai Day takes its cue from, and in creating something similar here, it makes sense to head to Dublin to see how the Irish celebrate the biggest day of the year.
With support from Tourism Ireland, Jan and Dan will be joining the official St. Patrick’s Day parade through the streets of Dublin, attending concerts and performances, having the occasional pint, and reveling in the celebrations that are set to unfold this weekend. St. Patrick’s Day, on a Saturday, in Dublin? That has to be on a lot of bucket lists.
But it won’t just be a learning experience; there’s some advice to be given to the Irish as well. If there’s one thing missing from the St. Patrick’s Day experience the world over, it’s a braai – and with March in Dublin still particularly chilly, what better addition to the Irish celebrations than a fire? Jan has wood, boerewors and an emergency supply of Klipdrift packed in his suitcase, and provided it all gets past customs, the smell of smoke and wors could be drifting through Dublin this Saturday. National Braai Day meets St. Patrick’s Day – Dublin’s in for quite a weekend.