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All over the world, every family has their own way of making, layering and executing trifle! Here is my take on this great dessert that you can serve your guests over the festive season. The measurements of how much you will need or use of all these ingredients is not exact, and it will depend on your size of your bowl and your layering and what you prefer.


  • 2 x swiss roll cake
  • 1 cup muscadel
  • 2 cups custard (you can make your own or use the one from a box)
  • 3 packets of different colour jelly, prepared as per instructions on the packaging
  • 1/2 cup pecan nuts, chopped roughly
  • 1 cup preserved figs, sliced or chopped
  • 1/4 cup preserved ginger, chopped roughly
  • Fresh cream (whipped, to serve)
  • Cherries (to serve)


  1. Slice our swiss roll into slices of about 2 cm thick and place a layer at the bottom of your glass bowl.
  2. Now drizzle some muscadel over the swiss roll and top with a layer of custard and jelly.
  3. Now sprinkle chopped nuts, preserved figs and ginger over the jelly and custard layer.
  4. Repeat the steps for these layers until you reach the top of your bowl.
  5. Just before serving add dollops of fresh cream and cherries and serve your show stopper to your guests for dessert.