Jan Braai vir Erfenis Episode 10

Jan Braai vir Erfenis

This week, in Jan Braai vir Erfenis, we kick off the episode in Gansbaai, an area of unspoilt, rugged beauty and beaches.  Jan heads out with the team from Dyer Island Cruises where he gets better acquainted with some of the most famous inhabitants of Dyer Island, the Great White sharks.  The crew are passionate about the ocean and marine life and Jan learns about the Dyer Island Conservation Trust.  In the end, there is no other way than to wrap up the the day with a fish braai on the beach!
Thanks to Quad Explore, Jan gets to experience the magnificent surroundings of the Overberg area from his quid-bike and then through the eyes of artist and sculptor, Niel Jonker.  Not only can Niel transform bronze into a thing of beauty, but he can also work wonders with dough and Jan acquires some artisan bread making tips.
We started off at the ocean and we end of in the Karoo, at Lainsburg, where Jan gathers with the locals around a fire.  They show Jan the Rieldans, chat about Karoo lamb and then they all get together to sing the national anthem and support the Springboks!
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