Jan Braai vir Erfenis Episode 2

Jan Braai vir Erfenis

The much anticipated second season of “Jan Braai vir Erfenis” is back on kykNET, every Thursday at 17:30.  Jan Braai will take to the road to discover local braai flavours and festivities across South-Africa.  Join him in his adventures exploring our country, our heritage and our passion, because where South-Africans gather, we light a fire.

This week Jan Braai will meander a mere 90km north of Cape Town to the quaint town of Paternoster.  The friendly people at the Paternoster tourism office  helped Jan and the team a great deal and you can contact them {info@paternoster.info or (022)7522323} for any information regarding accommodation, restaurants, shops and sight seeing.

The locals took great pride in transferring their  fishing skills to Jan and the seafood bonanza wrapped up at the delectable Noisy Oyster where the team had well, oysters.  If you ever make your way to Paternoster the Noisy Oyster is a must, but bookings are essential.  {karli@vodamail.co.za or (022) 752 2196}
In the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve Jan went to see the last manually controlled lighthouse to be built in South-Africa and today it still is the first South-African lighthouse to be seen by ships coming from Europe. The reserve hosts two campsites, one that belongs to the reserve with limited ablution facilities {www.saldanhabay.co.za} and the other is the private Beach Camp {www.beachcamp.co.za}, a series of A-framed huts or tents.  Both are nestled between the giant rock boulders the area is famous for and have spectacular seaside locations.   Day visitors are also welcome for a braai at the reserve’s campsites.

The team would be hard pressed to choose a favourite braai spot in South-Africa, but a fire next to the waters of the West Coast most certainly come highly recommended!
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