Men's Health Interview

Braai Talk

I had a interview with Men’s Health yesterday afternoon. The questions were pretty standard, but I decided to go for honest answers. If you have a view on the topic I’d be interested to hear it, please use the comments section.
Men’s Health: Which do you prefer: braaing over coals or braaing over gas? Why?
Jan Braai: I prefer to braai over the coals of a real fire, made with wood from alien vegetation like Rooikrantz, Blackwattle or Bluegum. Chopping down indigenous trees like Kameeldoring to have a braai with is silly. There are some situations where braaing with charcoal is acceptable, namely when you are out of wood, and the local petrol station only sells wet wood. (You can spot wet wood by the perspiration on the inside of the plastic bag). If you braai with charcoal as a rule, you should be reading Women’s Health and not Men’s Health. There is an age in a man’s life when “braaing” with gas becomes acceptable. That age is 50, and I am not there yet for another 20 years. If at that age you have rebuilt your house, and bought a stainless steel gas man-oven to braai some steaks next to your rim-flow pool, then that is perfectly fine. If you do it before then, you shouldn’t be reading any magazines, you are beyond saving.
Men’s Health: What, in your expert opinion, is the secret to the perfect braai?
Jan Braai: Guests without deadlines and neighbours without issues. Always have enough dry wood, enough quality meat, enough drinks and enough ice.