This is a revolutionary burger. It’s the vegetarian meal that meat-eaters love. I like to make them using those normal supermarket hamburger rolls with no substance, as it keeps the focus on the mushroom. Feeds 6.


  • 6 giant mushrooms
  • 6 soft hamburger rolls
  • plain cream cheese
  • feta cheese (I like the kind with bits of black pepper but any type will do)
  • garlic butter


  1. Slice the rolls and spread cream cheese onto the bottom half of each roll.
  2. Braai the mushrooms on medium-to-hot coals until nicely browned and fairly soft, for a total of about 6–8 minutes. Braai them for 3 minutes with the bottom (black) side facing downwards. Then flip them over, scoop a bit of garlic butter into each and then braai with the top (white) side facing downwards until they are soft. They turn quite easily and if you are gentle they will not break apart, so either an open or hinged grid is fine.
  3. Put one mushroom on each prepared roll and crumble feta cheese over that.
  4. The burgers can be eaten immediately and juices from the mushrooms will seep into the roll as you eat.

How to make the garlic butter:

  1. Very simply you mix chopped garlic and butter. If you have parsley on hand you chop that and mix it in as well. For 6 mushrooms you’ll need 1–2 tots of butter, 1–2 cloves of garlic and ½ tot of parsley.