National Braaiday Christmas gift list: The Ultimate Braai-kit

Braai Information

Instead of getting him socks or soap-on-a-rope this year, show that you did your homework and get him something from Jan Braai’s ultimate Braaikit. Here is our Top 20 Christmas gift list :

  1. Two identical toeklaproosters. It is worth it to spend the money on stainless steel grids, as they last much longer than mild steel. The grids that you can take apart completely are a great choice and you can get them at most co-ops, Outdoor Warehouse, Builders express etc. Alternatively you can look at the Handsfree Rooster- a grid that can stay open without you holding it open and the handle can slide in which makes it dishwasher friendly.
  2. A flat grid with thicker rods, for braaing things that can get stuck or sink through a normal grid. Try outdoor stores for this one.
  3. A cast iron pot, also known as a “drie-poot potjie”. A Size 3 should set you back around R500 and they are available at most outdoor stores or stores with a braai section.
  4. A steel fireproof pan. This is a specialised item and difficult to get hold of but I know you can get them at chef stores like Banks Kitchen Boutique in Woodstock, Cape Town.
  5. A braai pan with holes in it for braaing small items that will fall through a normal grid, like prawns or vegetables. You can get them at Outdoor Warehouse or Woolworths.
  6. A few good pairs of braai tongs. At least 3 pairs. It is important to have more than one pair so that different tongs can be used for different foods.
  7. 6 bricks. They are free if you grab them from a building site when no one is looking and are great to rest the grid on. It can be set up differently to get different heights and can also be used as a border to keep coals and heat in a certain area of the braai. You will also have the heaviest Christmas present under the tree.
  8. 2 triangles of different heights to rest the grid on. You can also look at the Braaicube as an option. Because of its shape it allows for effortless height adjustments on your braai. It will set you back R200 and can be ordered from
  9. A pair of leather fireside or welding gloves. You can get them at Outdoor Warehouse and they are very handy when things get too hot.
  10. A water pistol to control flames. It is imperative to have one of these handy at your braai, especially during summer. Get it at a Toys R Us or Reggies.
  11. 2 cutting Boards. The Joseph&Joseph Cut and Carve Plus is great for a braai. It has an angled surface which assists with drainage and it also has a meat grip. On the reverse side it is a normal, flat cutting board. Available at @HOME or on It is important to have 2 cutting boards, so that you can use one for the raw meat and one for the braai’ed meat.
  12. Headlamp for braaing at night at a place with no lights. Get them at Cape Union Mart or Outdoor stores.
  13. A good chef’s knife like a Victorinox or Global knife. The price will differ from knife to knife and you can get them at any good kitchen or home store.
  14. A knife sharpener. I prefer a whetstone but they are not always easy to get hold of. A sharpener or sharpening steel also gets the job done and are available at most kitchen aid or home stores.
  15. A braai bowl or casserole. Most big supermarkets will sell these.
  16. A digital meat thermometer a.k.a digital instant read thermometer. You can get them at Woolworths.
  17. A steel wire brush to clean the grid with. Available at co-ops and outdoor stores.
  18. A stop-watch for checking the time that you braai food. Once you get into the habit of timing the meat, you will be less likely to overbraai it in future.
  19. Fireworks – Jan Braai’s book that covers all the nitty gritty of braaing and shares his recipes, tricks and suggestions.
  20. Vuurwerke – the Afrikaans version of Fireworks. Available at all good book stores.

Happy Christmas shopping braaiers!