Rave version of the Braai Day song

National Braai Day song

By now everybody knows the Braai Day song, Our Heritage, performed by various South Africans artists namely Die Heuwels Fantasties, JR, HHP and Soweto Gospel Choir. What you did not know, and what I did not know either, is that there is a rave remix of the song available. Hunter Kennedy, guitarist of Die Heuwels Fantasties was emailed by a gentleman by the name of Walter Davidson Anderson. David went to the effort of making a remix of the song. Hunter promptly emailed this song to Pierre Greeff, lead singer of Die Heuwels, and Pierre emailed it to me. According to Pierre this style of music is known as “french rave”.

Die Heuwels, pitching the official adoption of Braai4Heritage into the national agenda to parliament.

To download the “french rave” version of the Braai Day song, take this link. The download is free, obviously. If you are a DJ or other type of musical person and need the mp3 in a bigger format, you can email Walter Davidson Anderson at WeKilledJR@gmail.com and he will send it to you in a bigger format. However, he assures me the download here is sufficient for normal people with normal speakers.
If you still have not downloaded the multi award winning original Braai Day song, “Our Heritage”, you can downloaded the mp3, for free here, before or after you have watched the music video here.
The official remix of “Our Heritage” is currently in production. I asked rapper JR, who performs in the original song, and is also currently quite famous for his songs “Show Dem” and “Make da Circle Bigger” to take charge of this process. As soon as its ready, it will be available right here, to download for free. With all these famous people doing their bit to have South Africa Braai4Heritage on 24 September, you should probably ask yourself at some stage whether you are doing your bit.