Ready made "braai kits"

Braai Information

Yesterday I received an email from a lady saying that her new company produces “Braai Kits”. In the same way that my friends in property receive a lot of invitations to strip clubs and my friends in banking receive a lot of free branded pens, you can imagine that over the past few years I’ve received quite a few “Braai Kits” from various organisations. “Braai Kits” usually comprise a combination of tongs, forks, knives, fire lighters, lighters, matches, grids, portable braais and cooler boxes. However something in the email made me suspect that this time it will be different. I replied and requested a photo of the braai kit. The photo is a bit grainy, but here it is:

The braai kit does not include the braaier on the photo

This then, the braai kit. The outside box is made from slats of pine wood. Experienced braaiers will know that pine wood does not make good coals, but is highly flammable. Inside this box there are two fire lighters, and the rest of the space is taken up by 2,5kg of charcoal. You set this whole thing alight and 40 minutes later you have a heap of coals. When I just said 40 minutes, I sucked that from my thumb. But from experience I can make pretty good guesses at how long it will take various materials to produce coals fit for a braai from the time that you set it alight. With 2,5kg of charcoal, these coals with have significantly more punch than the coals of the disposable braai.
At the end of the day, I am outspoken about real men making real fires with real wood and I don’t think that this “braai kit” will change that. But it does seem very convenient. Like take away pizza. I can see where this product might fit into the ‘braaing at a picnic spot’ market. Or for girls, just starting out, busy making the transition from salad maker to braaier.