Riaan Manser gets priorities right

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May or may not be a walrus Riaan caught on handlineYou’ll know him as the man who got on his bicycle in Cape Town, went for a ride, and 18 months later got back, having cycled around the entire African continent; or the man who paddled around Madagascar in a kayak, as one does. And in all probability, you’ll know of Riaan Manser’s latest lunatic expedition: he’s currently several hundred kilometres into an attempt to circumnavigate Iceland in a kayak with Dan Skinstad, his partner in the current Manser adventure.
It’s been an challenging trip already: between Dan falling out of the kayak in heavy seas, and a small volcano erupting, the Manser/Skinstad combination has endured a an awful lot to date. So what’s got them through? Peak conditioning? Careful planning? Large doses of good fortune?
All of the above, certainly – but we’d like to think the key reason is Riaan and Dan getting their priorities right, as the picture shows. In between each day’s paddling (in waves up to five metres high), the guys have been keeping an eye on the important stuff, fuelling themselves with plenty of Windhoek, the main supporter of Riaan’s expedition, and daily braais. The meat shown here is just for Riaan and Dan; with that sort of proudly South African diet, completing the trip around Iceland looks a foregone conclusion.