Taking care of your potjie

Braai Information

Don't let anyone call your pot black

You get three types of potjies:  The three-legged pot, platpot and bake pot. All three have their own unique qualities and characteristics, and it is important that you know how to take care of them. They need to be prepared, nurtured, and loved. As these pots are made from cast iron, there may be some unsavoury elements in a new pot, so never use a newly purchased pot without giving it a decent scrub! Use warm water, dishwashing soap and steel wool. Once you’ve cleaned and dried your pot, coat the inside with cooking oil. Heat the pot and when it starts to smoke, wipe clean with a paper towel – repeat this until the paper towel comes out clean. Now your food won’t appear so mysteriously dark when it’s done – unless you’ve burnt it in which case you can’t blame the pot. Once you have prepared your potjie you need to maintain it. Always wash it with warm water, dishwashing liquid and use steel wool. Make sure to dry it properly after washing it because if you don’t it will rust. It is also a good idea to store it with crumpled up newspaper inside – the paper will gather unwanted moisture and keep it from rusting too badly. Always rinse the pot before you use it again. If you follow this advice, your pot will last a lifetime.