Tongmaster’s Chicken Pot


Posted by Tongmaster


  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Chicken Thighs
  • Oil
  • 4 Chopped onions
  • 1 TBSP crushed garlic
  • 1 TSBP crushed ginger
  • Worcester Sauce
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Spices
  • 1 Bottle of white wine
  • 6 chopped tomatoes
  • 1kg baby potatoes
  • Butternut
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Green Beans
  • Tomato Paste
  • Green Pepper
  • Mushrooms
  • 250ml Fresh Cream


  1. Pot on flames.
  2. Oil in pot.
  3. Fry onions, garlic and ginger.
  4. Add chicken (2 pieces of Chicken per person – this pot is for 10) Worcester sauce, salt, pepper and any other spice required.
  5. Fry till chicken turns golden brown.
  6. Add one bottle of white wine.
  7. Stir the pot ensuring that nothing is sticking to the bottom.
  8. Add tomaoes and baby potatoes.
  9. Close the lid. Let simmer.
  10. The vegetables below should be judged on the number of people, in this case ten.
  11. When you are in the shop getting the ingredients, imagine serving ten plates of food and doing side dishes with the veggies described. Judge your quantities to equal what you would need to do that. A common mistake would be to have way too many vegetables.
  12. After 30 minutes, add chunks of butternut, sweet potato and carrot.
  13. Another 15 minutes, add green beans and tomato paste.
  14. Another 30 minutes, add green peppers and mushrooms.
  15. Another 15 minutes, add 250ml fresh cream. Gently toss the whole pot once. Don’t stir vigorously as this will break and disintegrate the vegetables.
  16. Serve.