Where does boerewors come from?

Boerewors Information

Where does Boerewors come from and why is it called Boerewors?
The words Boerewors comes from the Afrikaans words Boer (Farmer) and wors (sausage). Boerewors is an inheritance from centuries ago, when the inhabitants combined minced meat and cubed spek (pork and/or beef fat) with spices and preservatives (vinegar), which were freely available from the then Cape Colony. It’s basically a culmination of culinary skills of the local tribes, European settlers, and Eastern arrivals. Sausage making skills of the Europeans, spices and knowledge of how to use them from the east, and good South African meat and braaing knowledge from the local tribes. Boerewors is thus a true rainbow nation creation. In the years that followed this type of wors gradually evolved and the term “Boerewors” became entrenched in our culture.
During the great trek large quantities of wors would be made during the outspan (stopover) and that which could not be eaten would be hung to dry and taken along for sustenance as they continued their explorations. This was the birth of “droëwors”.