Win R1000 cash, have a braai!


Our mission is to encourage all citizens of South Africa to gather around fires with their friends and family on 24 September every year and have a braai. This is the one common heritage all South Africans share and we’re trying to create a national day of celebration to commemorate that. In this spirit, we’re going to run a marketing and promotional exercise in the build-up, to inspire some of you to go big on 24 September this year. Rules and details follow below:

  1. One person randomly chosen from the entrants on the National Braai Day Facebook page will receive R1000 cash to have an awesome braai with.
  2. The first winner will be announced on the Facebook page on Friday 27 July 2012, between 12:00 and 13:00.
  3. The winner has to spend the R1000 on one braai that very same weekend. You have to spend between R990 and R1000. If your meat and drinks costs less than this, use the money for extra wood, petrol, dessert, anything really that will make the braai nicer.
  4. The winner has to provide us with documentation and proof of the awesome braai they had with R1000 on the immediately following Monday at the latest. This documentation must include, but is not limited to: a written email with details of the braai, photos of the products purchased as well as photos of the braai and people there, scans or photos of invoices or till slips totaling between R990 and R1000. That’s right, you are not allowed to save any of the money, you have to spend it all!
  5. An article will be published on the website with details of the braai the winner had. This is to set an example to others and inspire them to have similar awesome braais on 24 September.
  6. Transfer of the cash will work as follows: We pay you R400 as soon as we get your banking details on the Friday. We pay you the remaining R600 as soon as you send us all the info and proof of the braai referred to in point 5. You will thus need another R600 cash to buy all the things until we pay you the rest on the Monday. If you do not have R600 then borrow it from your friends attending the braai, and if you cannot do that then don’t enter the competition.
  7. The winner will be chosen as follows: We will take the number of people that entered, and then put that number into a random number generator. We’ll count from the top right down to whoever is at that number on the list.
  8. If you make life unpleasant for the rest of the entrants then you will be disqualified at our sole discretion. This means that if you write some long soppy and sad story on how tough your life is and why you should win on the wall of the Facebook page, you might specifically not win. Awesome and inspirational stories are welcome. In fact, if you write something great enough on the wall telling us how you would spend the money, you might just get a bonus if/when you win. This is unlikely, but possible.
  9. If this promotion/competition is fun and works we might run it again in some of the following weeks. If there are any loopholes or rules that we did not think of, we’ll add them later at our sole discretion.
  10. To enter, go to the National Braai Day Facebook page and like the wall post that refers to this give-away.